The collection made up of nourishing tones and stand-out prints. They are designed specifically for our boujee girls that don't compromise on style, comfort and quality.

The creative team behind Lahana wanted to create a felt and specific mood within the campaign. The Warm Campaign was shot in the hinterland of Byron with well known Gold-Coast photographer Troy Freyee and muse Susanna Emilia Oinonen.

The inspiration and general mood of the shoot is an ode to the '90s. A time of dial-up internet, long phone calls after PE with your number one, afterschool netball practise and content created on old school style dad cam's that required sim cards. A time when moments were lived and felt without the complications of virtual over-sharing and a gaze of many.

Life was exclusively shared, felt, experienced by you and maybe a few lucky onlookers that got to encounter your grandness. Warm is a collection that encourages one to move, live, feel, experience with one audience in mind, you. let me know if you need a bit more x