2020 Vision. Goals, intentions & inspiration.

A fresh year has a particular allure. She’s shiny and a little mysterious...just the way we like it.
With a side of certainty, 2020 stimulates us to reset, to start fresh and commence clear headed.
A fierce women is made stronger by her ability to reflect without judgement. By acknowledging, accepting & letting go, we allow space for magic to unfold.

In saying that, the new year doesn’t necessarily have to be the catalyst for change!
Every moment is an opportunity to be embraced as a beautiful agent for growth.
Instead of getting overwhelmed when realising that yesterday was basically December and today is more or less Easter, take into consideration that all can only be experienced in this very moment.

Although a new year feels like a great incentive to start fresh, rejoice in the knowing that each moment, in fact, brings with it the opportunity for meaningful change and growth. A fresh start or reset doesn’t necessarily have to come with a fresh year!

So! Do you find yourself overwhelmed at the talk of new goals & challenges or do they encourage you to aim higher? Whatever your answer is, just remember that there is no pressure. The only real pressure you level is the pressure you level yourself.

In the spirit of a new moment & to take the pressure off a new year, we've compiled a list of small daily rituals that will enrich your time on this earth if practiced frequently!

"The Tony Robbins Podcast" - Tony Robbins // Proven strategies for success in your personal lives, relationships, business & physical health.

"On Being" - Krista Tippett // Conversation about the big questions including spiritual inquiry, science, social healing, and the arts.
"The MFCEO" - Andy Frisella // Overcoming fears, advancing in your career, taking action & stopping the lack mentality.
"The Art of Charm" - AJ Harbinger & Johnny Dzubak // Harnessing confidence, the art of conversation, body language & building stronger connection.
"10 Percent Happier" - Dan Harris // Breaking habits, thriving under stress & tips & tricks to living your best life.

Self help books:
"The Untethered Soul" - Micheal A. Singer // Free yourself from limitations whilst discovering inner peace. Completely transformative.

"The Surrender Experiment" - Michael A. Singer // What happens when you let go completely & flow into the natural processes of life without resistance.
"The Power of Now" - Eckhart Tolle // A guide to spiritual enlightenment & achieving spiritual balance
"Body Keeps The Score" - Bessel Van Der Kolk // A guide to trauma & reducing suffering.
"You can heal your life" - Louise Hay // Destroying limiting beliefs. Change your thinking & improve your quality of life.
"7 Habits Of Highly Effective People" - // Stephen R. Covey
"Big Magic" - Elizabeth Gilbert // Creative living & absolutely ace for idea building & pushing dreams to become reality.


- For all things clarity, mindfulness & meditation, "Headspace" is your app!

Meditation has been shown to help people stress less, focus more and even sleep better.
In just a few minutes, Headspace will improve your quality of life exponentially, if practiced consistently. Jump on the train & give your mind a rest... you won't regret it.
"Calm" - Another great app for meditation, "Calm" was named "The world's happiest app" & we highly recommend it!
"Lumosity" - Cognitive Brain training in the form of interactive games. Improve & memory and brain processing speed whilst having yourself a red hot time.

Here at Lahana HQ we regularly set ourselves new goals to work towards.
As a company that has a platform and growing voice, we feel we have a responsibility to always be improving on our practises!

Our mains goals for 2019 were to:

1. Implement more ethical and environmentally friendly practises into our business operations

2. To be engaging with our audience, to create positive mind shifts, to create lasting change, to give our audience a voice and to use our platforms for the greater good.

Through Campaigns, Blogs, not for profit collaborations, gifting to charities and creating a vegan HQ, Lahana edged closer to achieving said goals.
Although we didn’t eliminate every single piece of plastic that was to enter the HQ, we did drastically minimise our consumption by putting into place multiple incentives to make LAHANA that little bit more green and we're so excited to share whats in store for 2020.
Just like everyone, we, Lahana, as a business, will always have room to expand & are so excited for 2020!


Much love x x