Christie Swadling is the co founder of CEE ACTIVE and works as a full time content creator/Youtuber and has been since age 20. Now 23 years, C is completely obsessed with her job & the lifestyle that it brings with it!
We couldn't wait to get this gem on the blog!

Having struggled with severe IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) a few years ago due to malnourishment, C is now fully healed from both & aspires to educate and inspire others going through similar situations.

Was working for yourself/building your own empire always part of the plan?

No, I was always in and out of jobs, constantly lost for what I wanted to do as a career.
Social media and Youtube were just hobbies for quite some time!
It wasn’t until I was consistent for 4 years that I began to earn a living from both!

You’re pretty damn real on socials and we love that!
When you’re having a day that feels less than favourable, can you run us through what you do to turn it around/accept it/not spiral?

I feel self care and alone time is key when it comes to getting out of a negative headspace. We are not in control of our surroundings so we mustn't let them dictate how our days pan out. It’s important to be present and slow down in order to have more control of our thoughts and mind.


As observers from the outside, it seems as though you’re hustling a good majority of the time (which is absolutely necessary to make things happen!) Alas, With great hustle can come great stress (if not managed with care…..)

Can you give us a lil Cee hack that brings you back to yourself after a day of being on the go?

Ahhh stress is definitely something that comes with the hustle life.
Over the years I've found it important to work smarter not harder. Plan your days and have a daily to do list that's achievable for every single day. Sometimes my week may be overloaded with work but I just focus on what I can achieve that day.


The Lahana HQ is basically part of the #CEEFAM…& can often be found (metaphorically) throwing around podcasts (ones recommended by you, more often that not, ). Can you list a few of your fav poddies to enrich the L.a gangs lives?

Oh love it!

I’m all about personal development but struggle to absorb information if the host talking isn't somewhat relatable. So I am a picky listener, but lately I am vibing ‘Gold digger’ By Jenna Kutcher.

Anna's new cafe in Cabarita! Nectar Juice Bar!

The importance of ace gut health sits hi atop the list of focus’ for you, can you tell us why you’re so passionate about tending to the ol’ second brain?

Having a poor functioning gut, is not only uncomfortable but it affects you emotionally, physically and mentally. Your gut actually takes up 60% of your bodies energy, if it's not working correctly your daily energy is just going towards digesting rather than living/thriving.


We’ve heard the acronyms S.E.R.G (Self evaluate - Educate - Rest - Gain inspiration)

& GYST (Get your shit together) getting around the office and you too seems to swear by these..

Are these methods that you consciously implement into your days?

Lately, no.. and I definitely have been feeling out of whack because of it! I honestly feel my best when I am applying these methods weekly and if not, daily!

What does a general day in your life look like?

Morning routines are big for me, usually I like them to be slow.

7am - Coffee, self reflect.

8.30am - Breakfast

10am - Train (3 days a week)

11am - Admin / emails / website aka Computer work (2 hours)

12pm - Lunch break

1pm - Depending on the day, I am either editing or filming / shooting.

3pm - Take Mini ( my puppy ) to the dog beach

4pm- Podcast / Self educate

5pm- Email / Admin / Plan work for tomorrow

7pm - Dinner with my boyfriend and his son

8pm - Reply to CEEFAM

9pm - Skin care routine

9-10pm - Bed

Do you schedule days to mix up your routine or would you say it’s more of an intuitive practice for you?

I’m an advocate for planning but with my job I also find it beneficial to go off how I am feeling. So if I am booked in to fill and am feeling flat, I will switch to admin and emails and swap around my days to make it work.

Are you a small attainable goal setter or a long term goal setter?

Hmm, I would say small. I do make vision boards for what I want to achieve yearly but my mind works better when I am working towards smaller goals in the moment to help chip away at the bigger goals.

Fav Lahana style?

I love the staple basics because they are styles no one else has but I do find myself always going for the statement pieces like the Leopard prints because it is SO ME! And I promise I will get at least 3 compliments on my outfit at the gym! haha

Lastly, what’s something you learned during iso?

How beneficial slowing down can be for your mental health!

As a busy person, slowing down can actually scare you. So being forced to do it was a huge challenge but it was something I subconsciously needed.


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