Rest & Recover with L.a

With all that is going on in the world at the moment, we, at Lahana are choosing to view this time as a time for rest, recovery & a much needed reset.
A time to practice presence & an abundance of self care!

Although radical change is necessary for growth, it can also leave us feeling a little unsettled…Instead, we urge you to use this time as the catalyst for meeting your own needs.
A time to look after your mind, body & soul on a deeper level!

In the hopes of helping our Lahana Queens, we have compiled a list of wholesome
practices that will propel you forward during these testing times.
When the time comes to re emerge, the benefits from these dedicated conscious
practices will become highly apparent.
Give yourself some time angel, you deserve it.
Sleep, Stretch, Nourish your body with plenty of wholesome food. Practice Yoga or your exercise of choice. Support your local studios by practicing with them online.

Check in with your own needs, practice gratitude & stay present. Make sure you reach out to friends or support services, such as Beyond Blue ,if you are feeling overwhelmed.
Meditate, Connect to those around you, Journal & Heal. Apps such as Smiling Mind can help assist you to set a routine and guide you through a meditation.

Tune in to your own needs, stay curious, & take up new hobbies.
This is your time to explore new ideas & dive into your creativity and innovation.
Create a new budget, Spend where necessary, Practice positive money mantras. Download money management apps such as Mint to help you get through the next few weeks. Don't be afraid to seek assistance in a time of deep need.
Use time effectively, work on a schedule (taking breaks) & make sure your space is inviting. Think outside of the box and create ideas that will flourish in a new environement.

" I can't wait for a years time, when all of this is a distant memory and there is a corona baby boom because all of the lovers were lovin'.
And there is a rise in small business because all the entrepreneurs had a moment of stillness and creativity.
And all the children remember nothing but a time when all the mums and dads were at home drawing and playing board games and we remember it as the time we all got to stop and be present.
We will remember the time our health was our first priority and people learnt new ways to use fresh produce to feed their families and we were all forced to think outside the box and dream up new things, and re invent old ways and for once even amongst the class there was community, there was a global rise in togetherness and the streets were quiet but our homes were bustlin with love and laughter.
That time is coming....soon just like other crisis before it this will all be a distant memory, a thing we soon listen to our children discuss in classrooms, a once was, that we share with our grand babies.
So to you - I know it's unsettling but focus on the silver lining, we are in this together and there's so much beauty to see".
- Leila