Your July Astrology with Lahana

Oh wow . . we have reached the middle of the year already! July is here, and Cancer season is already in full swing bbys. It's time to get loved up and ground things right down after the craziness that mercury in retrograde brings.

This season, which started from June 21 and will go until July 22 is a jam-packed season but will be more gentle than the intensity of the previous Gemini season.


Get ready to fall in love angels. A lot of romantic energy is in the air and relationships of all sorts are focused due to a rare alignment with Venus and Mars being in Leo. Remember babes, this may mean the development of self-love over love for or with another. So if it ain't happening elsewhere, focus on fostering the relationship to self. Either way, fall in love!!

Venus will stay in Leo until July 21; during this time, we feel more expressive in our affection and feelings, so expect some fiery romances. Allow yourself to dive deep into the emotions that arise and take a look within to see how you feel and reflect on what they may be telling you. We also have Mars continuing to ascend the throne of Leo until July 29, which is one fiery match centred around passion, zest and a desire to really express who we are and what we want in a dramatic way.

Oh ladies, this month is just filled with a whole lotta looove and feelin' all da feels, and it doesn't stop there. From July 21 to August 16 Venus will move through to the abundance of Virgo; we will find ourselves craving stable relationships. Express your love through giving, care and practical gestures.


Mercury, the planet of the mind, will be in Cancer from July 11 to the 27th. This is a time where instincts, thoughts and speech are expanded upon.
Be careful how you expand upon your thoughts and allow yourself to process your emotions internally before you verbalise. Your expressive feelings could come off as passive-aggressive if we are not thinking about the delivery.





We’ve got a New Moon in Cancer arriving on July 9th which brings a sense of push to embrace new beginnings and to get out of your state of comfortability. This new moon focuses on assessing the instabilities in yourself and life, prompting you to reassess, find a resolution or more importantly to build new stability and secureness in one aspect of your life.


On July 23rd we have a Full Moon in Aquarius which comes with a desire for independence and for your most authentic self and vision to be made known. The Aquarius sign is bound to the human collective and during this period we may feel more connected and related to the global community than normal. It is a time to reflect on the future of humanity and yourself and envision the possibilities of what is to come.


1. Cleanse your physical space

2. Meditation

3. Let go of emotional baggage through self-reflection

4. Revisit your goal's list from the previous new moon

5. Slow down 

Enjoy the ride this month angels, you've got this.

Lovers, untameher.