How to Style your Lahana Active - the ultimate inspo guide

Lahana Active is so much more than Activewear designed solely for the purpose of working out. Here at L.A, we LOVE to style our Activewear into comfort, casual work days and when we're feeling bold, into our night life fash. Below are our OG girls showing us how it's done .. styling L.A into their personal styles with such ease, as well as a look into how we style our shoots!

Enjoy babes, we have an extra little treat, just for you at the end of the Blog. We'll give you a hint, it's coming soon!

Jen Ceballos | @endlesslyloveclub

Style queen Jen always know how to get us inspired, propelling us to create stylish outfits from the comfort of our Activewear.
Earlier in the year, we asked Jen to pick and style her favourite pieces from the Staple and Statement collection, and this is the result! We hope you feel as inspired as we do by Jen's style.

Jen wears the 'Archer' short and 'Cher' Crop.

We think one of the perfect ways to describe Jen's style is 'Effortless effort'. Jen is a leader in all things fashion, trend & style. To her core, she is effortlessly stylish and it shows.
Like a paintbrush to an artist, Jens creativity and execution speaks volumes.

We are just adore this studio to street look. Throw on your favourite blazer, cat eye sunnies, side bag with gold hoops & boom, you've got yourself a recipe for something special!

Look, here at Lahana we all about our girls standing to the front line being warriors of movement, armed with the attire to match. The girls lead the way and push the boundaries of style. & our Statement pieces made in buttery soft printed fabric are the perfect way for our babes to camouflage to stand out, rather than in. Go ahead babe, #untameher


Jen wears the 'Mimi' bike shorts and 'Zula' Crop.

Mikayla | @mikaylaklewer

Our girl Mikayla Klewer 's style is slick, suave and minimal. This particular styling aligns with the vibe of Lahana whilst being sprinkled with the essence of Mikayla. Sleek, warm tones and simple styling are a recipe for magic. Both outfits feature our best selling Khaki tone and are in our best selling Staple cuts.

Black, white and Khaki tones are a potion for the tastiest Active Wear style potion. Mikayla wears the 'Tyler' Crop and 'Archer Bikers' with simple gold jewellery, a Black Linen Blazer, white platform sneakers and white socks. Everyday wear turned stylish with high impact! It's a snack we would eat up any day of the week!

Neutral, neutral, neutral. Always and forever. When in doubt, keep it simple, warm and sleek. Throw on your favourite backpack, Vintage sunnies & the 'Elke' crop and you will be ready to face the day with absolute sunshine running through your being.

Margot | @margotcastor

Margot isn't afraid to mix the old with the new. By adding colour and unique layering to her personal style, Margots style stands out. Margots Gram is honestly a damn good time and we highly recommend you getting around those vintage, colourful vibes. The styling is so Lahana and at the same time, SO Margot. We hope this provides some inspo for your next festival get up, an everyday outfit or even a night out (wild, we know!)

Styling cool tones with soft pastels. Margot is the vintage style queen and effortlessly incorporates a vintage blazer into her everyday look. We are loving the wide collar detail, pockets and retro buttons. With a colourful kick of accessories & nail polish, Margot creates such a V I B E.
P.s, we love the Rainbow necklace.

Our white set is launching mid December.

Now this one is for our brave girls. Margot has styled the 'Archer' biker shorts with a vintage scarf as a strapless bandeau. Tying the previous pastel accessories from the last look into this look, Margot pairs that extra little sparkly gold side bag for an extra dose of boujee glam.

These shorts are so versatile and we honestly cannot get enough of this day to night look.

This Khaki tone is a such a strong mood. We have all fallen head over heels with this one, so naturally we were all for Margot picking this combo to style.

Margot sticks with pastel tones for this look. She has gone for pastel pink blazer, contrasting against the deep tones of Khaki. The tones are on point, delish and popping against the platform high-top sneakers. Yes, yes and yes to this!

Margo wears the 'Tyler' Crop and 'Archer' Shorts in size small.

Monica | @monicapuddy

These shots are from our most recent shoot we brought to life by our creative team. We wanted to show you a mixture of how our style queens flaunt their Lahana as well as how our inhouse team style's the shoots here at the HQ!

We all love to work out here, but we also all love to bring our personal style into our Activewear (since we are in it so much). As the tides change into lifestyles that are more active, there is an extra need for life to be more comfortable at the same time. This is where Activewear comes in. Once you start accessorising your active and incorporating it into your style-game, we promise you will never look back.

Monica wears the 'Zipline' Crop with the 'Archer' Bikers in Extra Small.

For our night owls who move and groove under the rays of moon rather than the sun. We picked this vintage washed denim jacket up from our local Thrift store @thryft_gc. A denim jacket, in our opinion is the easiest way to elevate the game to the max!

Now, like promised, we have the cheekiest little sneak peak for you. The Print of the summer that is about to change your world baby girl. Shhhhh it between us....

Launching December 2019.

Babes it's bold, and we're about it. The Mimi bikers have been revamped into a strong STATEMENT. This collection is all about night and day, light and dark. We can't wait to show you each and every piece from this snack of a collection. But for now, here's a little baby teaser for you!

This part of summer collection released December.

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