Creatives collide || Behind the scenes of LA inspired shoot

On Wednesday the 16th of October, the La Hana creative team ventured to Brisbane to bring a creative vision to life.

The theme of the shoot would be street style, binded with city scapes. Simple yet bold.
Previously, the L.a team worked together to find a location & talent that would embody all that L.a is...activewear that can be worn for a sweaty workout and equally sported for breaky with the girls, or a night out on the town. Multifaceted & functional has always been the aim of the game!

Our in house Photographer Troy had scouted this roof top once before and when the idea was brought to the table, we knew our location was set!

Whilst scouting for a model, dream girl Monica Puddy jumped right out at us.
Powerful, effortless, slick & an absolute breeze to work with.

On the brushes & locks, we had on board our fav gal Alana Mevissen who's talent shines beautifully in the imagery.

Troy, our in house Photog/gem of a soul has a knack for bringing visions & stories to life!
His direction on the day paired with Monica's undying ability were a recipe for nothing short of magic.

Our Gal, Kunti B, is made up of creatives bones & creative bones only..
She's the queen behind socials & a strong ideas woman to say the least.
Ideas come to fruition very quickly when this gal takes the reigns.

Lastly we have Capucine on Video & more importantly, hydration duty...because optimal function comes from max hydration.
Caps jam is catching the in between moments on film & cutting together funky lil clips that capture moments that some might miss.

Each human played a very integral part in the unfolding of the day.
All in all, we had ourselves a dream team & the shoot could not have sailed more smoothly.

The team shot from 4pm with the idea of catching a few phases of light, with golden hour being the focal point. Troy brought the vision to life, carefully playing with light & shadows to create complete & utter A R T. The mood was whimsical and powerful.

We're so excited to release the brand new street style collection and accompanying imagery, which we are keeping top secret for another couple of weeks. But we promise it will be worth the wait.

The new drop is a lil bit dreamy to say the least but for now, here's a few cheeky snaps of some of our current collection to set the mood.

Watch the full BTS experience of shooting with Monica & the team below!