Healthy Habits with the Lahana Gang

With health and wellbeing at the forefront of our goals for 2020 we are so into trying all things fresh and new!

Our team at Lahana is mostly plant based and our office is completely vegetarian. This is one of our core values here at Lahana, as we believe a conscious diet leads to a conscious life.

We wanted to share with our readers our simple hacks to eating super healthy plant based meals.

Busy days sometimes mean eating healthy meals gets pushed down the ladder of importance. With this little insider secret, being time poor doesn't have to mean sacrificing eating the rainbow of health.

We get the nutrition we need without compromising the taste of our food.

You've got this! xx


The Lahana team is fuelled and powered by Soulara, A plant based meal delivery service which delivers healthy and ready to eat meals literally to our office door.

Our fridge is always stocked and ready for whenever staff hit that energy low or are in need of nutritional lunch break.  



Let us run your through Gemma's daily schedule with Soulara.

Name: Gemma Lyndon

Role: Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator

What are you eating?



Leading a healthy lifestyle directly impacts your physical and mental wellbeing and our team understand the connection between healthy lifestyles and a healthy mind.

Having ready made meals means you have some balance to relax after work and make sure you always have lunch for the next day.

We are all about creating positive mind shifts and are so aware of the connection between gut health and your overall happiness.


You find out more about Soulara here. We absolutely love them and know you will to!