It's time to look after you...

Self love isn’t linear.
Knowing what your mind, body & soul needs can seem like a bit of a juggle at times so when life gets a little overwhelming....tuning in is the answer!
By taking a moment to slow down & ask yourself how you're truly feeling, you’re allowing a moment to extend yourself the love you so rightly deserve.

Practice listening to yourself with patience & without judgment.
Allow an abundance of space to accept yourself in all moods, phases & forms.
Honour your feelings - even the ones that you don't deem so comfortable.
Consciousness is a practiced art which allows you to tune in and to take your power back when life gets a little unstable.

Some days will be more turbulent than others.
Sometimes you'll win, sometimes you'll learn.
Enjoy the ride & take comfort in the impermanence of it all.
After all, without rain, there would be no flowers.

Soak up the days where you feel like slowing down, putting on your comfiest get up & snacking on chocolate & smash the days where you're ready to throw on your fav active wear, turn up the volume on your gym playlist & sweat it all out!

It's all about balance baby.
You've got this! xx


  1. Limit your time on Social Media
    How often do we catch ourselves scrolling mindlessly through Instagram only to finish feeling a little flat? Sometimes setting yourself a limit on the Gram is necessary to bettering your mental health. Put your phone down, throw on a Podcast, have a stretch or pick up your fav book. Stimulating your brain in different ways will bring great rewards so challenge yourself!
  2. Sweat it out
    We all know how good it feels to move our bodies. Endorphins are there to be released! Challenge yourself to move your body for half an hour a day. It will do you mountains of good! Whether its a slow walk, a Pilates class, a HIIT work out or putting on your fav activewear to go out for Coffee, it’s all relevant! & afterwards, pat yourself on the back! You got out of bed this morning and that’s a great effort.
  3. Spend some time alone
    Feeling content & whole on your own amplifies your relationships with others.Find balance between time spent with family, friends, relationships & yourself.
  4. Let it out!
    Journalling or talking to someone who you can trust & will listen without judgement will do you a world of good. Although it can be heard to understand some feelings, let alone talk about them, getting a second opinion will offer give clarity & speed up the healing process, pushing you in a fresh direction!
  5. Reflect
    Write a list of thing you’re grateful for & things you’ve accomplishment. It’s easy to forget how far you've come & how much you've grown. A moment of reflection will bring gratitude!
  6. Fuel your body!
    There are a world of benefits to feeling your body with an array of colourful foods. To thrive in all aspects of life, it’s essential that we feed our bodies a balanced diet. Veges some days, Cake others. Splurge a little - you’re worth it.
  7. Positive self talk
    The way you speak to yourself matters. Watch your thoughts. Are they kind or could they do with a sprinkle of softness?
    Challenge yourself to replace them with positive ones. Keeping the mind healthy is just as important as keeping the body healthy, so make it a priority!
  8. Spend time with people who make you feel like sunshine.
    You’re a product of the 5 people you spend the most time with so choose carefully!
  9. Stay curious, stay open!
    You never know what opportunity might come from a simple conversation so spark one up! There is much power in words.
    Swap a 5 minute swipe for a 5 minute conversation tomorrow morning whilst waiting for your Coffee. Genuine curiosity is sure to bring magic into your life!
  10. Pat yourself on the back!
    You’re doing great!


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